Larry's 13th Birthday Fundraiser
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Larry's 13th Birthday Fundraiser

Henlo Frens! It's my birthday on June 10. I will be 13 years old. I've been a h*ckin good boy this year. My mom is going to buy me a birthday cake. A special pupper cake. I will share my cake. Because I am a good boy.

My mom is the Wayne County Commissioner. For Plymouth and Canton. I am the Pommissioner. My mom needs to raise money for her campaign. So she can be the Commissioner next time. I would also like to be the Pommissioner next time. Will you help out and donate $13 for my birthday?

Thank you and I love you.

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Michigan Trivia
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Michigan Trivia

Join us for Michigan Trivia!

Form your own team of 2-6 or register as an individual and join a team at the event!

Register your team at:

Donations can be made at:

Cash and checks accepted at the door


Freebie Question!

Dan Aykroyd played a widowed priest in this Home Improvement spin-off sitcom taking place in Royal Oak that spanned two seasons in the late 1990s? 

Answer: Soul Man

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MI-11 Town Hall for Our Lives

Over a million people marched across the country on March 24.  But that was only the beginning.

Now, we must demand our lawmakers hear us and our needs as a community regarding the urgent issue of gun violence.  Bring your questions for a panel of candidates and elected officials seeking various offices within Michigan's 11th Congressional District.

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