Policy Priorities

In January 2019, Commissioner Melissa Daub was appointed to serve on the following four committees for the 2019-2020 legislative session for the Wayne County Commission: Vice-Chair, Audit Committee; Health and Human Services Committee; Committee on Public Services; Committee on Public Safety, Judiciary, and Homeland Security.

I am proud to serve on the aforementioned committees, as they are each uniquely important to our community here in Plymouth-Canton. Through the Audit Committee, I plan to keep a watchful eye for corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. Through the Health and Human Services Committee, I plan to advocate for better health programs that will address problems such as mental health and the opioid epidemic. Through the Committee on Public Services, I plan to be a persistent advocate in fixing our dilapidated roads and bridges. And through the Committee on Public Safety, Judiciary, and Homeland Security, I plan to work with law enforcement, as they work to protect and serve our community.